Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Disney Prep Documented

I enjoy every single moment of planning for a Disney trip. To me, planning for the trip and anticipating the trip is almost as much fun as the trip itself. I've never done much in the past to actually document this important piece of our trip, so this past December I was sure to include a layout about our trip preparation.

This trip was different because we surprised Monica on the day of the trip, which made trip prep and anticipation a very different experience. I'm so glad we did it that way and the actual reveal was one of the top 3 best moments in my entire lifetime. With that said, I know I couldn't handle it again!! I will document that whole experience in a full spread in my Disney album, but I put together a 2-page spread to document the planning in my regular Project Life album. 
I documented the story of our decision to go back to WDW on the "To Do..." card and just summed up our wild and excited thinking. We usually go once a year, but this year we decided to go twice, so I wanted to acknowledge that this was out of the ordinary for us. The sentence structure is abysmal on this card, but it was intentional. We were excited and hesitant and then decided to keep the whole thing quiet, so the choppy "sentences" on this card seem to capture those emotions better than writing about them specifically. It's like getting a peek into my brain during this time - a breathless, excited hot mess!
I took quite a few pictures of the packing and planning process so I created some fun collages of the stealth packing. My packing for Disney usually starts more than a month ahead of time and I just add to the suitcases as I get the stuff we need. This time, instead of stashing the suitcases in the spare room, we had parts and pieces in separate bags hidden in various closets and at one point ended up stashing our suitcases in the shed. 
I loved the Project Mouse cards because they let me document the planning process with fun prompts and check lists. Plus, that they even offer cards like this makes me feel like I'm normal! HA!
This was our first trip with Magic Bands, so I wanted to document them, as well. It was such a fun experience to get them in the mail! We had never done Magical Express, either, so I saved the corner of that envelope to put in my album and recorded the date we received it. I loved that the "Planning Checklist" card allowed me to document when we finished all of the little parts and pieces of our trip on a simple 3x4 format. I included the tag we used to tell Monica about our trip here, too. 
I love that these photo collage templates allow me to cram a bunch of pictures into a layout without taking up too many 4x6 slots. 

I will document the planning over the course of 2 or 3 layouts in my Disney album for this trip in order to tell a deeper story. Since planning is a time consuming (and super fun!) process, I wanted to be sure to get it into my Project Life album, too. 

How do you document your trip planning? What fun scrapbook products have you found to help with the process?

I used the fabulous Project Mouse Planning cards from Brittish Designs for most of this layout. The "happiness STARTS HERE" card in the top left is from Simple Stories. The yellow striped card all the way to the right and the yellow card behind the "WE LEAVE NOW" tag is from the Project Life Midnight Core Kit. The photo collage cards were done with Cathy Zielske's family of templates, including the Day Documents and Labeled Photo Sets. 


  1. Love these pages. I haven't done planning pages before but what a great idea. Thanks for linking up with Memory Keeping Monday.

  2. LOVE LOVE LOVE your pages!! Great documenting!

  3. What a great post! I really love your pages!
    Could you please tell me how you printed out the Project Mouse cards? I'm a non-tech savvy paper scrapper!